Add ons & Sensors:

Zada Tech Emerald CAN Bus Multi Function Gauge Display

Universal multi Function gauge display compatible with Emerald ECU with CAN Bus output stream.

This is a universal kit that fits any car. Can be used on any double DIN head unit with an HDMI or AV video port. Additionally, it is compatible with our external LCD displays.

The system is capable of holding the peak values (marked by a yellow indicator), a dedicated list of peak values and resettable using the joystick. The instrument has its own peak value warning that can be set with the joystick, the needles change colour to red when a peak value is reached.

As well as the Emerald's supported CAN Bus readings, we can incorporate our sensors within the system as extras. Please refer to the list on the right for the sensors that this gauge supports including the prices.

Graphics of any sort can be tailored to your specifications for an additional fee.

The base kit includes:

- The controller box (HDMI or AV output)
- Joystick and knob.
- Dedicated CAN Bus ports.


List of CAN Bus values:

RPM, MAP, BARO, TPS(%), Coil on-time, EGT, Road Speed, AFR/Lambda 1, AFR/Lambda 2, Primary injector bank on-time, Secondary injector bank on-time, Air Temp, Coolant Temp, Aux Temp, Ignition Advance, Injector Duration, Gear, Selected map, Battery Voltage

The kit and sensors come with 1 year warranty.