Zada Tech is located in the UK (England). All of our products are dispatched directly from us, unless purchased from our dealers in another country. We ship worldwide.

Please use the form below to contact us regarding your custom design requests, suggestions or questions. If contacting about the shipping costs of a particular product, please tell us your country and post code.

For sales and more information on products and services you can email us using the email below:

TurboZentrum - Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can contact TurboZentrum, Zada Tech's exclusive dealer and distributor.


Customers from the USA please contact Joe to purchase our products within the United States of America.


Customers from France please contact W-AUTOSPORT to purchase our products within France.

Telephone: 03 86 37 00 00

Top Performance Trading - Qatar & GCC Area

Customers from Qatar and within the GCC countries are able to purchase our products from Top Performance Trading. Zada Tech's exclusive dealer and distributor for Qatar, GCC countries and Arabic speaking countries.
Telephone: +974-77666625

Mingorri Elektroniks - Spain

Customers from Spain please contact and purchase our products from Mingorri Elektroniks.
Telephone: +34-618317722

Precision Gauge Tech - Malaysia & Singapore

Customers from Malaysia and Singapore please get in touch with Precision Gauge Tech to purchase our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

How to order?

Ordering is very easy. Decide on what screen you need, choose your sensor inputs and let us know of any extras that you may need. If you are looking for something and we do not have it listed on our website let us know and we will most probably be able to get hold of it for you. Use the contact us form, on the left, or our email address to send your order list to us. Finally we will get back in touch with you and when all is approved we will start the build for you.

What do the kits contain?

Our kits normally contain of an LCD, a controller box and sensors. There maybe some other extras depending on what the customer has ordered. The LCD and the sensors connect to the controller box.

What is a controller box?

A controller box is like a "black box". It contains all the circuitry and electronics to run the LCDs and sensors. Every LCD digital gauge will have a controller box of a certain size. The controller box normally gets mounted under the steering column or glove box and the LCDs and sensors connect to it.

Can I have more than one LCD?

The simple answer is yes. However extra costs may apply depending on the type and size of the LCDs that are required. Just contact us and we will quote you with a price.

How many sensor inputs?

Number of readings depends on which LCD kit you go for. Most of our kits can support up to 8 inputs and some can do up to 16 sensor inputs.

What does the joystick do?

The joystick is primarily used to flip through different readings, where all the readings cannot be fitted on one page of any LCD. However it is also used to set peak values within the settings menu when the customer would have peak values settings for each input.

What measurement units are possible?

Any measurement units are possible. From °C and °F to Bar, PSI etc. Just let us know what you need at the time of order.

Can I purchase sensors from Zada Tech?

Yes of course you can purchase any number of sensors from us. We can give discounts on bulk orders.

Postage, shipping and import/customs charges?

We are based in the UK. Local shipping within the UK starts from £8 for our kits. We ship worldwide, international shipping starts from £18 for standard service.
For combined shipping or for delivery of heavy items we will need to work out the exact costs.
Import/customs charges, received in your country, is not our responsibility. This is the sole responsibility of the customer.
Please note, we no longer ship to South Africa.


Zada Tech gives a 12 months warranty on all of its products. The warranty does not cover the misuse or improper installation of the items. The shipping to us to carry out warranty work is paid by end user. Shipping back from Zada Tech to end user is covered by us. Zada Tech does not guarantee that the car on which the systems are installed will not break or get damaged. Push your engines to a safe threshold at your own responsibility. If unsure of our systems we strongly advise not to purchase our products.


Zada Tech is a UK VAT registered business. Prices on our website are exclusive of VAT. For customers, purchasing within the UK, 20% VAT is added to the final price on your invoice.