"There is a 12 months warranty on our range of products and we use the highest quality products in our kits."

Zada Tech specialises in designing and manufacturing custom-made gauges, with a particular focus on digital monitoring and digital dashboards for cars and electric vehicles (EVs). Our expertise encompasses a diverse range of digital gauges, including those featuring colour LCD and OLED displays, as well as fully digital High Definition LCD dashboards tailored for various automobiles. Renowned for our commitment to uniqueness and accuracy, we take pride in offering the most distinctive and precise gauges available on the market.

Our portfolio includes a wide array of projects, ranging from high-quality, accurate, and sophisticated digital gauges designed for highly modified cars, including track cars. While many of our gauges function as standalone monitoring devices, we also offer multi-gauge solutions with intuitive flip-through capabilities, featuring high-quality graphics and smooth animations. This feature enables you to effortlessly monitor multiple aspects of your vehicle on a single screen, making it an ideal solution for those facing space constraints.

Furthermore, we provide consultancy services to assist with any project you may have, whether it involves designing and implementing car gauges or monitoring systems. We collaborate closely with you throughout the entire process, from initial design stages to implementation, and can produce kits in high volumes if required.

There is a 12 months warranty on our range of products and we use the highest quality products in our kits.

Based in the UK, we take pride in handling all design and manufacturing processes internally. Thus, our commitment to 'Made in England' is evident in every product.


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