Add ons & Sensors:

OLED Based Digital Multi Gauge

OLED based digital multi-gauge. In yellow, green and blue.

This kit is much like our LCD multi gauge, but with larger an OLED screen.

OLED screens are fast, smooth, reliable with very crisp colours! 180 degrees viewing angle, wide range temperature compensation.

The firmware on this gauge could be customised by you upon purchase if required.

These are extremely reliable and accurate. They can be mounted almost anywhere without any problems.

Do you want to use your digital multi gauge to control your car components as well as monitor? Then this unit can be programmed to keep an eye on temperatures to start your radiator fan on low speed or high speed! Very useful when on track days.

The kit is pretty straight forward to get up and running.

This kit contains the controller box and the OLED display

Furthermore, if your car benefits from an OBDII port with CAN bus, you can order the Zada Tech OBDII CAN bus reader. Fully integrated into the controller box it enables you to make use of the already installed sensors on your car to avoid installation of extra sensors into the engine bay again. Not all readings could be available on OBDII, so you can still have external sensors alongside OBDII readings. You can read about this in details .

Please do refer to the list on the right for the sensors that this gauge supports including the prices.

The kit and sensors come with 1 year warranty.

Dimensions of the OLED screen