Add ons & Sensors:

Nissan 370Z OBDII multi gauge system for OEM navigation or aftermarket head unit

Nissan 370Z OBDII multi gauge system, suitable for the 370Z fitted with the OEM navigation or an aftermarket head unit.

The controller box is equipped with an OBDII hardware, to read the most useful parameters from your car. It also comes with ports for external sensors to be fitted as optional extras for extra readings from your car engine.

The system is plug and play, the OBDII cable connects to the OBDII connector on your car. To show the gauges, the AV cable connects to your OEM navigation or your aftermarket head unit on the RCA input.

The system makes use of a rotary joystick, supplied standard with the kit, to enable the user to swap between the different pages of readings. Six readings can be displayed on screen at once, with the option to scroll to further readings using this joystick.

If your 370Z is turbocharged, the kit is also ready, with the boost sensor input, to measure the boost pressure.

The kit contains:
- Main controller box, input port for the OBDII and multiple input ports for the sensors.
- OBDII cable.
- AV cable.
- Joystick.
- Fuse holder with 2A fuse.

The OBDII values obtained from the car are:
- Water Temperature (°C/°F)
- Advance Timing (°)
- O2 Status Bank 1
- O2 Status Bank 2
- Throttle Position (%)
- Speed (kmph/mph)
- Intake Air Temperature (°C/°F)
- Air Fuel Bank 1
- Air Fuel Bank 2
- Trouble codes

The optional extra sensor readings you can have are:
- Boost (PSI/BAR)
- Oil pressure (PSI/BAR)
- Fuel pressure (PSI/BAR)
- EGT (°C/°F)
- Oil temperature (°C/°F)
- Gearbox temperature (°C/°F)
- Differential temperature (°C/°F)
- Air Fuel Ratio (AFR)

The kit and sensors come with 1 year warranty.