Add ons & Sensors:

Lotus Elise Exige 9.1" Full colour ultrawide TFT graphical LCD multi gauge kit

Zada Tech Lotus full colour LCD multi gauge on a 9.1". A digital gauge system incorporating the newest technology including an ultrawide LCD for richer colours and enhanced viewing.

The functionality of the LCD multi-gauge involves linking the Zada Tech controller box to the LCD through an HDMI connection. This setup enhances graphic quality, ensuring sharper visuals and more precise data readings. Additionally, the IPS LCD offers vibrant colours, improved contrast, and enhanced backlight luminosity for optimal viewing experience.

Up to 16 readings can be obtained from the car by using external sensors, and any values from the vehicle's CAN Bus, where equipped. The gauge makes use of a rotary joystick (supplied standard with the kit) to enable the user to swap between the different modes and readings. Anything from two to eight readings can be displayed on screen at once, with the option to scroll to further readings using the joystick. Refer to the samples images. Choose between two different types of joystick knobs, small and large.

The system displays on-screen peak value settings for easy access. Peak values can be individually set for each reading. Worried about your peak value? An integrated warning system has been designed so that the needle changes to red when the peak value is reached, proving you with a rapid alert notification.

This Zada Tech full colour gauge incorporates the most accurate and responsive readings using a superior display. Each gauge can be customised to any look by the user before placing the order, we will the do the rest for you. Don't forget to tell us the units of each readings whether it's bar, PSI, degree Centigrade (°C) or degree Fahrenheit (°F).

Do you want to use your digital multi gauge to control your car components as well as monitor? Then this unit can be programmed to keep an eye on temperatures to start your radiator fan on low speed or high speed! Very useful when on track days.

Please reference the list to the right for the supported sensors along with their respective prices.

The kit and sensors come with 1 year warranty.

Check out the dimensions of the 9.1" LCD screen