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Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror Graphical LCD Multi Gauge

Zada Tech's 4.3" full colour TFT LCD rear view mirror multi gauge. This innovative digital gauge system will change your viewing experiencing.

Now you can monitor your engine’s parameters without even diverting your attention away from the road. This rear view 4.3" LCD multi gauge works by connecting the Zada Tech controller box to the LCD via an AV connection, enabling smoother graphics with more accurate readings. It's a universal fit so compatible with any car. What’s more, if you don't have auto dimming function on your rear view mirror you can add it to you car with this mirror.

Six readings can be displayed on screen at once, with the flexibility of up to 16 readings available through external sensors. You can easily switch between readings and modes with a rotary joystick. Each kit comes with a joystick as standard, with a choice of two sizes. An added bonus of this system is the auto reverse camera that ensures you are always fully aware of your surroundings. The reverse camera needs to be purchased separately.

The rear view LCD multi gauge displays on-screen peak value settings for quick viewing. Peak values can be individually set for each reading. What's more, the integrated warning system enables you to dynamically see when the peak value is reached through colour changes, proving you with a rapid alert notification.

You will experience optimal viewing conditions both day and night with the auto screen dimming function. This Zada Tech multi gauge also incorporates the most accurate and responsive readings using a superior display. Each gauge can be customised to any look by the user before placing the order, we will the do the rest for you! Don't forget to tell us the units of each readings whether it's bar, PSI, degree Centigrade (°C) or degree Fahrenheit (°F).

As well as monitor your car components, this 4.3" rear view multi gauge can also be used to control the car's parameters. For example, it can be programmed to keep an eye on temperatures to start your radiator fan on low or high speed.

Furthermore, if your car benefits from an OBDII port with CAN bus, you can order the Zada Tech OBDII CAN bus reader. Fully integrated into the controller box it enables you to make use of the already installed sensors on your car to avoid installation of extra sensors into the engine bay again. Not all readings could be available on OBDII, so you can still have external sensors alongside OBDII readings. You can read about this in details .

Check out the video on the right to see the 4.3" rear view multi gauge in action!

Please do refer to the list on the right for the sensors that this gauge supports including the prices.

The kit contains:
- The controller box with inputs for the sensor and output for the LCD mirror.
- Auto dimming LCD mirror complete with all the wiring.
- Joystick.
- Any sensors that customer would need.

Let us know your car model and year to supply the correct mirror mount.

The kit and sensors come with 1 year warranty.