Zada Tech Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) K-Type thermocouple sensor 90 degree bend

Zada Tech high precision EGT thermocouple sensor.

Our sensors come packed with the following:

- EGT sensor with 90 degree bend
- Stainless steel male connector with 1/8" NPT thread and an adjustable compression fitting
- Stainless steel weld on bung with female thread (1/8" NPT)

Zada Tech K-Type EGT sensor is specifically designed to monitor high temperature environments in the automotive applications, as well as applications where monitoring the exhausts or manifolds is required. This sensor makes use of a new technology, with a 3mm diameter tip and a 6mm diameter body mated together in a special way. This technique is widely used in aerospace engineering and gas turbines, and as a result makes the EGT sensor extremely accurate with a very fast response time.

The MgO insulating material is flame hardened to stop powdering and embrittlement which can lead to failures of the sensing element. The quality materials used in manufacturing this sensor has made it very insensitive to external disturbances due to good thermal decoupling of measurement elements. This stainless steel EGT sensor is suitable for temperatures of up to 1100°C (2012°F) with accuracy of ±0.5%.

Our choice of sensors are based on testing a wide range of sensors to be able to choose the best and most affordable on the market with 1 year warranty!

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