Add ons & Sensors:

Universal Multi Function Gauge Display Boost, RPM, Speed, EGT for Double DIN Head Unit with sensors

Universal multi Function gauge display for double DIN head units with HDMI or AV video port.

This is a universal kit that should fit any car. The complete kit shows boost, RPM, speed and EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature). Can be used on any double DIN head unit with an HDMI or AV video port.

You can set peak values (by using the joystick), the needle for boost changes colour to red and the RPM dial background flashes when a peak value is reached.

The kit includes the following:

- The controller box including the joystick.

- Boost sensor (PSI or BAR)
High quality precise 3 wire boost pressure sensor
Pressure range (-30 In.Hg. to 44 PSI / -1 Bar to 3 Bar)
Comes complete with a hose connection boost pipe, filter and a t-piece
Made In JAPAN!

- Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) sensor (°C or °F)
High quality precise EGT sensor
Temperature range (up to 1200°C / 32 - 2192°F)
Thread: 1/8" NPT

- GPS speed antenna (mph or kmph)
The GPS hardware in built into the controller box

- RPM/Tacho hardware input
Tap into factory ECU wire

The kit and sensors come with 1 year warranty.