Lancia Delta Integrale 5" colour TFT graphical LCD multi gauge - Complete Kit

Zada Tech's Lancia Delta Integrale 5" full colour TFT LCD multi gauge. A digital gauge system incorporating the newest technology including the latest LCD for richer colours and enhanced viewing for your beloved classic Lancia.

The LCD multi gauge works by connecting the Zada Tech controller box to the LCD via an HDMI connection, enabling smoother graphics with more accurate readings.

This kit comes complete and ready to go with Air Fuel Ratio (AFR), EGT, boost and intake temperature sensors. The gauge makes use of a rotary joystick (comes standard with the kit) to enable the user to set peak values for each reading. Worried about your peak value? An integrated warning system has been designed so that the needle and the reading numbers change colour when the peak value is reached, proving you with a rapid alert notification.

The kit and sensors come with 1 year warranty.