EV (Electric Vehicle) LCD Digital Dashboard in High Definition

Zada Tech fully colour EV LCD dashboard is the result of many months of research and development. We are proud to adopt and use the latest technology of hardware on the market to make this happen. Boot time of only 6 seconds and full HD (High Definition).

How do we build it?
How does the customer place an order and how do we build this you may ask? Well, the stages are simple.

- Tell us exactly what you need to show on the dashboard.

- We will gather a list of requirements of where we would need to obtain each set of data from your car. Normally most of the data is retrieved from the CAN BUS.

- Give us the final graphics, or if you are not sure of the graphics our dedicated graphics designer can come up with your design and work with you through stages to get everything right for you.

- We will send you a quote with a lead time, if you agree we start the build for you.


We can also source almost any size LCD when reqiured.

Typical options that customers may have on their dashboard are as follows:

- Motor speed

- Speed (mph or kph)

- State of charge / Battery level

- Motor temperature

- Battery temperature

- Warning, tell tales and idiot lights

- Indicators

- Milometer or odometer

- Drive selector indicator (PNDR)

Additional optional extras can be added if the customer prefers. They are not limited to the list above. This is only a reference to the typical options on any dashboard. We will include everything that the customer needs in the design.

Digital dashboard specifications:

- Super bright LCD with high luminosity.

- Boot up time of only 6 seconds, the fastest boot time for a fully colour digital dashboard.

- Fast rendering of the graphics.

- Full colour High Definition with 16.7 million colours.

- Fully sun-readable LCDs with brightness of 800 cd/m2 or higher.

- Auto dim trigger.

- Auto reverse camera input and trigger (on some screens).

Base price for a typical digital dashboard LCD starts from £2000. Prices would vary depending on the number of LCDs and the functionalities. Please get in touch with us for more information on this product and pricing.

We also have the capability of manufacturing these digital dashboards in however many quantities that the customer may require. If ordered in bulk the price would reduce considerably.