Zada Tech Exhaust Manifold Back Pressure Installation Kit

Zada Tech exhaust manifold back pressure sensor mounting kit is intended to be used to locate the exhaust manifold pressure sensor away from the hot exhaust manifold. The exhaust manifold pressure sensors are highly sensitive to these high temperatures, they typically will fail quickly if mounted directly in the exhaust manifold. The solution is to mount the sensor at the end of a copper tube that allows for the heat to dissipate.

This installation kit includes a high temp rated steel 1/8"NPT male threaded compression fitting that threads into your exhaust manifold and 1/8"NPT female fitting for the sensor.

Kit includes:
- 1/4" Copper tubing.
- 1/8" NPT male to 1/4" tube steel compression fitting.
- 1/8" NPT female to 1/4" tube steel compression fitting.