VW Golf/Passat & Audi OLED Boost and EGT Gauge - OEM Colours

This is a very popular piece of kit within the VW and Audi turbo owners! If you want a standard boost gauge only, this is also a very good option for you.

OLED boost and EGT multi-gauge suitable for newer VW and Audi with white and red colour theme. The colours on this OLED screen have been designed to be very close to the colour of these clusters.

A very popular gauge among our small range of gauges, since it makes use of the OLED technology. Very rich colours and 100% readable in direct sunlight. Also 180 degree viewing angle.

This was originally designed for a diesel VW Passat, however we can program it to include the vacuum readings for the VW and Audi turbo or any other petrol cars.

The kit comes with the following as standard: 1.5" OLED screen and controller box. Boost sensor. EGT sensor probe. Joystick. LED warning light.

The gauge is equipped with a boost peak hold value for 5 seconds. However this can be replaced with permanent peak EGT value also.

The joystick is used to set the peak values for the boost and EGT, upon reaching these values you get a warning on the screen and the LED warning light also starts flashing.

The screen is small enough to be replaced with the analog clock in the middle of a VW Passat. If you decide to keep this clock and mount the gauge screen somewhere else we can supply, for free, a round (52mm) fascia to go on top of the screen. These 52mm fascias have been professionally cut to fit in any round standard pod. We can supply an A-pillar pod with the screen already integrated in, for extra £25.

We can include more sensors to this kit or even replace the EGT reading with any other readings if needed.

Our sensors are based on testing a wide range of sensors. The kit and sensors come with 12 months warranty.

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